Online Special Education Degrees That Offer the Best Tuition Rates

By Staff

An annual average tuition of $9,480 is charged by colleges that offer online special education programs in the US. Over the past few years, there has been a 19.7% increase in the average tuition. In 2007, the average tuition at these online colleges and universities was $7,921 per year.

The tuition range for online special education colleges is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the most to least costly colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 20
Low cost 19
Average cost 22
Most expensive 19

The most expensive colleges that have online special education programs require students to pay a yearly tuition of over $11,088. On the other hand, annual tuition ranging from $1,808 to $4,070 is charged by the cheapest schools. The least costly accredited online special education schools are located in Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia.

  • Master of Arts in Multicategorical Special Education
  • Associate of Arts in Special Education
  • Master of Arts in Education in Special Education
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Master of Arts in Education – Special Education-Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood
  • Master of Arts in Education – Supervisor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Special Education – Social Science
  • Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education
  • Master of Education in Special Education – Severe Disabilities
  • Master of Science in Education in Special Education – Visual Impairment

In 2011, roughly 25% of special education graduates from online colleges across the country earned credentials from these reasonably priced programs. Therefore, of the 1,222,064 graduates in the nation, 304,020 are from the most inexpensive colleges and universities. Between 2006 and 2011, the percentage of special education graduates from the lowest cost online colleges has decreased, while the number of graduates has increased by 27,051 graduates yearly.

Tuition ranging from $4,196 to $6,216 per year is charged by other somewhat more expensive online special education colleges. Of the 80 online colleges and universities that offer special education programs in the nation, 19 charge students tuition in this range.

Approximately 20.5% of the nation’s special education graduates earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. This represents 250,228 students. Only 222,252 students earned credentials from these colleges and universities in 2006, which was a short 5 years prior. This represents a 13% increase in the number of graduates from these low tuition online schools.

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