Online PhD Programs in Health Promotion That You Can Afford

By Staff

Only 1 online PhD in health promotion college exists in the country. This is University of Illinois. Because it is the only school, it is, by default, the most inexpensive online health promotion PhD school in the country. It charges students an annual tuition of $9,134. Compared to the median tuition at other online colleges in the US, which is $10,368, UIC charges students comparatively low tuition.

There has been a 23% increase in University of Illinois’ tuition in recent years. In 2007, the tuition was cheaper at $7,424 annually.

  • PhD in Community Health Sciences – Behavioral Science and Health Promotion

In 2010, from these relatively affordable/low cost online health promotion programs offering doctorate programs at the school, a reported 28,884 students graduated. The number of graduates has increased by about 1,356 graduates, between 2006 and 2011.

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