Online PhD Programs in Epidemiology That are Your Most Inexpensive Options

By Staff

There are 3 online PhD in epidemiology colleges in the US. These colleges and universities charge students a median annual tuition of $11,648. The median tuition has increased over the past few years. This change in tuition was approximately 13.6%. The annual median tuition was $10,258 at these online schools in 2007.

The costliest college that offers online doctoral program in epidemiology programs require students to pay a yearly tuition of a reported $38,600. But, yearly tuition at the cheapest college is $9,402.

  • PhD in Community Health Sciences – Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology

Approximately 38% of epidemiology graduates with doctorate degree programs from online schools around the nation graduated from these lowest cost programs at UCB, in 2011. Therefore, of the 107,521 graduates from around the nation, 41,241 are from the least costly schools. Between 2006 and 2011, the percentage of epidemiology graduates with PhD from the lowest cost programs at UCB has decreased, while the number of graduates has increased by 1,957 graduates yearly.

In 2011, 44% of the country’s epidemiology PhD level graduates received their certificates from these affordable online programs at University of Michigan. This represents 47,336 students. Only 43,260 students earned credentials from these schools in 2006, which was just 5 years prior. Thus, the number of graduates from these low tuition online programs at U-M has increased by 9%.

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