Online Masters Degree Programs in Energy Management Charging The Least

By Staff

Of the colleges and universities in the nation, only 1 is an online masters degree in energy management school. The only school is University of Florida. Because it is the only school, it is, by default, the most inexpensive online energy management masters degree college in the nation. A yearly tuition of $3,530 is charged by this college. Compared to the average tuition for other online programs across the country, which is $12,405, UF charges relatively low tuition.

University of Florida’s tuition has increased over the past few years. This change in tuition was about 15%. In 2009, the tuition was cheaper at $3,070 per year.

  • Master of Business Administration in Energy Management

In 2010, from these comparatively affordable/low cost online energy management programs offering masters degrees at the college, approximately 61,161 students earned credentials. The number of graduates has increased by approximately 1,520 graduates, between 2009 and 2011.

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