Online Colleges in Iowa (IA) Ranked by Cost

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Colleges in Iowa that have online programs require students to pay an average tuition of $11,603 per year. The average tuition has increased over the past few years. This change in tuition was around 19.1%. In 2007, the average tuition was $9,744 annually at these online Iowa schools.

The range of tuition at online schools in Iowa offering programs is shown in the following chart. Tuition is shown from the most to least expensive colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 9
Low cost 8
Average cost 9
Most expensive 8

At the high end, schools offering online programs charge students more than $21,000 in tuition per annum. On the other end of the spectrum, tuition at the cheapest colleges and universities is in the range of $2,832 to $3,584 annually. The lowest cost accredited online schools are located in Davenport, Iowa Falls, Mason City, Ottumwa, and Sioux City.

  • BA/Organizational Management – Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Associate of Arts and Science in Health Information Technology
  • BA/Organizational Management – Child Study
  • BA/Organizational Management – Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting – Operations Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration – Human Resources Management
  • MBA – Business Economics
  • Associate of Arts in Communications
  • Bachelor of Science in Communication – Marketing and Sales Communication

Of all graduates from online colleges across Iowa, approximately 13% graduated from these low tuition programs in 2011. Therefore, of the 161,267 graduates from around Iowa, 21,660 are from the least costly schools. From 2006 to 2011, the number of graduates from the least costly online colleges and universities has increased by 6,424 graduates each year. However, the percentage of graduates from these colleges and universities has decreased.

Other somewhat more costly online colleges and universities charge a yearly tuition in the range of $3,600 to $6,128. Tuition in this range is charged by 8 of the 34 online colleges with programs in Iowa.

A reported 44.2% of the state’s graduates earned their degrees and certificates from these affordable online programs in 2011. This represents 71,273 students. Only 62,608 students graduated from these schools, just 5 years earlier, in 2006. Therefore, the number of students graduating from these reasonably priced online colleges has increased by 14%.

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1. Western Iowa Tech Community College Sioux City, Iowa $2,832 $3,192
2. Indian Hills Community College Ottumwa, Iowa $3,120 $4,680
3. Ellsworth Community College Iowa Falls, Iowa $3,192 $3,984
4. Marshalltown Community College Marshalltown, Iowa $3,192 $3,432
5. North Iowa Area Community College Mason City, Iowa $3,491 $5,236
6. Eastern Iowa Community College District Davenport, Iowa $3,540 $5,220
7. Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids, Iowa $3,540 $4,290
8. Iowa Western Community College Council Bluffs, Iowa $3,570 $3,720
9. Hawkeye Community College Waterloo, Iowa $3,584 $4,284
10. Iowa Central Community College Fort Dodge, Iowa $3,600 $5,400
11. Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny, Iowa $3,750 $7,500
12. Northwest Iowa Community College Sheldon, Iowa $3,780 $4,620
13. Southeastern Community College West Burlington, Iowa $3,780 $3,930
14. Iowa Lakes Community College Estherville, Iowa $4,320 $4,384
15. Northeast Iowa Community College Calmar, Iowa $4,384 $4,384
16. Iowa State University Ames, Iowa $6,102 $17,668
17. University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa $6,128 $22,424
18. University of Phoenix West Des Moines, Iowa $10,320 $10,320
19. AIB College of Business Des Moines, Iowa $12,900 $12,900
20. Allen College Waterloo, Iowa $13,458 $13,458