Online Bachelors Degree Programs in Business Communication That Offer the Best Tuition Rates

By Staff

In the nation, there is only 1 online bachelors degree in business communication school. This is Saint Leo University. Because it is the only college, it is, by default, the cheapest online business communication bachelors degree college in the nation. A yearly tuition of $17,500 is charged by this college. Compared to the median tuition at other online colleges around the nation, which is $10,368, SLU is relatively costly.

In recent years, Saint Leo University’s tuition has increased. This change in tuition was approximately 11%. In 2008, the tuition was cheaper at $15,820 each year.

  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Technical Communication
  • BBA in Business Administration – Organizational Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Communication
  • B.A. in Communications
  • BA/Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Communications
  • BS Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications – Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies – Business Communication

In 2010, a reported 19,332 students graduated from these relatively expensive online business communication programs offering bachelors degrees at the school. The number of graduates has increased by about 2,031 graduates, between 2008 and 2011.

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