Online Associates Degree Programs in Human Development That Charge the Least Tuition

By Staff

There is only 1 online associates degree in human development college in the US. The only school is Pennsylvania State University. Because it is the only college, it is, by default, the lowest cost online human development associates degree school in the country. A yearly tuition of $14,412 is charged by this college. Compared to the median tuition for other online programs in the US, which is $10,368, PSU is relatively expensive.

Pennsylvania State University’s tuition has increased, over the past few years, by 44%. In 2007, the tuition was more expensive at $12,284 each year.

  • Associate of Science in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Business Management Associate’s – Child Development
  • A.S. in Early Childhood Education
  • AA/Early Childhood Education

In 2010, an estimated 57,390 students earned credentials from these comparatively expensive online human development programs offering associates degrees at the college. From 2006 to 2011, the number of graduates has increased by around 11,278 graduates.

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