A List of Top Colleges That Start With A

By Staff

Finding the right college can be challenging, so why not start with colleges that start with A?

Surprisingly, you’ll find a lot of educational institutions offering several programs more than you’d think.

This good number of choices allows students to explore several fantastic majors, minors, and professional development programs.

However, choosing the best school that matches your needs can be daunting and time-consuming.

Hence, let’s review 13 fantastic colleges, starting with the letter A in the United States.

13 Colleges That Start With A

1. Adelphi University – Garden City, New York

Adelphi University is an excellent school for students looking for modern programs with an enhanced curriculum.

They take a unique approach to learning, giving students more control over their academics while promoting an inclusive learning community.

Adelphi University was initially founded in 1986, making it one of the newer programs in New York, but they’re sure to impress.

There are 120+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Adelphi College for students to explore.

You’ll also find that the school is home to over 8000 students across 44 states and 64 countries, speaking to its inclusive learning environment.

Their main campus is particularly picturesque, featuring recently updated buildings with spectacular modern architecture.

2. Alabama A&M University – Normal, Alabama

Alabama A&M University is a fantastic school driven to ensure all students get equal access to top-quality higher learning.

It’s not only a student-friendly school but also simply community-focused, helping students feel as if they’re part of something greater.

It’s also a historically black college and university, which landed a land grant to be built in 1890.

One of the largest benefits of academics at Alabama A&M University is that they strive toward excellence.

There are 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, certificates, and professional concentrations.

Students can also easily become a part of 50+ student organizations spanning an endless number of interests and specialties.

If students are looking for a school with remarkable faculty, Alabama A&M is ideal.

Their staff includes lawyers, doctors, politicians, authors, artists, and other top international performers.

3. Agnes Scott College – Decatur, Georgia

Agnes Scott College received its start in 1889 and has since been working to empower students through liberal arts coursework.

They help to foster growth amongst their student body while diversifying global perspectives and transforming students into leaders.

If you’re searching for a community filled with academic dreamers and people who are continually intellectually curious, this is the school for you.

Agnes Scott College takes a unique approach to academics referred to as SUMMIT.

As students arrive at the school, they’re woven into a chosen four-year program that boosts courses and curricular activities.

With SUMMIT, you’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge needed for your specialty and to be a world leader in your industry.

Agnes Scott College also has a reasonable number of programs, including 30 undergraduate majors and minors.

They also have a diverse collection of master’s and post-baccalaureate degree programs to help further your career.

Regardless of your avenue of study, Agnes Scott College will surely have a program to help.

4. Albany Technical College – Albany, Georgia

Albany Technical College, also referred to as Albany Tech, is a fascinating technical school with a brilliant history.

It was initially developed in 1961 and was home to around 175 students, which has since grown into the thousands.

Today, they have a vision for developing a well-rounded student body filled with professionals looking to enter the working world.

With their studies, students will be able to meet economic and community growth while meeting dynamic workforce needs, helping them find the perfect career.

Undoubtedly, this is the quality education you’ll want to get your hands on if you want to go straight from college to finding gainful employment.

That said, Albany Technical College is also home to professional development courses, assisting already employed individuals with diversifying their existing skills.

5. Albright College – Reading, Pennsylvania

Albright College is the oldest college in its area and has assisted students with learning since 1856.

By helping students explore their talents and interests, you can find profitable and creative careers to fulfill your future within these walls.

With 150+ years of history, you can guarantee this school knows how to develop students into leaders while giving them access to high-quality education.

The stunning 118-acre campus is something to behold, especially with its modern and recently updated buildings.

If you cannot book an in-person visit or tour, you are highly recommended to take a digital tour.

You’ll be able to get a feel for the major facilities, sports venues, and residence halls.

There’s seemingly an endless number of undergraduate programs you can choose from at Albright College, ranging from Art History to Accounting.

You’ll also find post-graduate articulations, advanced certificate programs, and adult degrees and certificates.

Students even have the option to continue their studies through the summer to get extra credits or to graduate early.

6. Allen College – Waterloo, Iowa

If healthcare education is what you’re working towards, Allen College features fabulous programs for several medical professionals.

The school has been in operation for 90+ years and has degree programs in nursing, occupational therapy, health professions education, and physical therapy.

The Higher Learning Commission has regionally accredited every program available.

Allen College is nestled comfortably in Waterloo, Iowa, near the Cedar Falls metropolitan area.

Thus, you’ll have a combination of vibrant small-town life and the friendliness you expect from a tight-knit community.

Students can access everything they need on and off campus, from nature trails to fabulous dining establishments.

As a special focus institution, you’ll find many fundamental subjects you’ll explore during your enrollment.

Students can expect to dive into medical sonography, medical imaging, community public health, pediatric nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, and more.

7. Alma College – Alma, Michigan

Alma College is committed to ensuring every graduate finishes school with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their career.

During your studies, you’re sure to develop newfound confidence and leadership skills that will follow you into your future career.

With Alma College’s programs, you can build a personalized education combining study initiatives, academic research, and experiential learning opportunities.

Along with your in-class studies, students will have the option to dive headfirst into artistic extracurriculars and athletic offerings.

When it comes to your studies, you’ll find Alma College awards several degrees, including a Bachelor of Music, a Master of Science in Communication Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts.

They’re also a coed, private, liberal arts college that features online graduate degrees if you prefer to study off campus.

8. American Baptist College – Nashville, Tennessee

American Baptist College is a popular HBCU in Nashville that brings unforgettable experiences to its student body.

With an emphasis on liberal arts education, each course works together to provide you with the tools needed to pursue a future in Christian leadership.

Interestingly, the school was founded in 1924 by both black and white baptists, speaking to the diversity of the learning environment.

The academic resources you’ll have access to when enrolled at American Baptist will fuel your future.

With a list of outstanding faculty members and facilities, students can explore public service and human virtue.

The majority of their courses are Christian-centered, ideal for religious-minded attendees.

As expected, there isn’t a shortage of fantastic learning opportunities available at this school.

You’ll be able to enroll in many classes, including New and Old Testament survey, public speaking, music theory, natural science, and many more.

9. Angelina College – Lufkin, Texas

If you’re searching for technical programs in the state of Texas, Angelina College is a popular option that offers numerous learning opportunities.

The school is specifically designed with facilities equipped with the tools to give you hands-on experiences before moving into the career of your dreams.

Currently, they are home to nearly 4000 enrolled students, helping you easily slide into a tight-knit community with a small-town feel.

Angelina College is home to over 60 associate degrees, certificate programs, and continuing education programs.

Like many other technical colleges, they support you every step of the way, from college to your career.

With continuing education, you can resharpen your skills in your industry and learn new experiences to keep you a front-runner.

10. Arizona Western College – Yuma, Arizona

Arizona Western College is an excellent college of choice for Yuma and La Paz students, and not only because of its location.

They also have over 170 graduate and certificate programs for you to explore throughout the academic, career, and technical industries you’ll love.

They also have several non-credit professional development courses designed for your career-centric and personal development.

Arizona Western College is unique because it doesn’t have just one campus; there are 12 different locations for students to attend.

It spans over 10,000 square miles and is home to students from over 40 countries.

In addition, with their large campus, the school hosts courses in partnership with Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona.

With these partnerships, students can use Arizona Western College as a transfer school and pursue a four-year degree program.

That said, you can choose from baccalaureate degrees across numerous specialties, including administration of justice, education, engineering, and agriculture.

11. Albany Medical College – Albany, New York

Students who prefer small and inclusive classes will love Albany Medical College, a distinctive private medical school.

One of the largest benefits of their programs is they have an intimate community, which offers a better learning environment for every student.

Through your studies, you’ll develop genuine learning habits and human values necessary to pursue a successful career in medicine.

Albany Medical College has also always been known as one of the more exclusive medical programs in New York.

With their start in 1839, they only admitted 57 students per year, which hasn’t changed considerably.

Currently, they still allow limited enrollment from carefully selected students, speaking to the exclusivity of their course offerings.

At Albany Medical College, there are 200+ degrees you can choose from in bioethics, biomedical sciences, medicine, nurse anesthesiology, and physician assistant studies.

You’ll also love that each program is taught at its main campus in Albany, New York, and across clinical departments, research centers, and clinical facilities.

Undoubtedly, students will get plenty of in-classroom and hands-on experience to help prepare them for their future careers.

12. Alpena Community College – Alpena, Michigan

Alpena Community College is a technical school, as most of its academics revolve around specialized career options.

That said, students will find a diverse collection of two-year degrees, corporate training courses, and one-year certificates to use to their advantage.

With nearly 2000 enrolled students across numerous backgrounds and ages, it’s a fabulous learning community for every student to be a part of.

Students can also dive into technical and vocational programs, distance learning programs, dual-enrolment programs, and more.

Anything you need to fulfill your requirements to earn your degree will be at your fingertips when you choose this college.

With small classroom sizes, you’ll also unlock the massive benefit of more one-on-one education when you enroll in any of the programs Alpena Community College offers.

13. Alamance Community College – Graham, North Carolina

Alamance Community College was one of the first community colleges in all of North Carolina, with its founding in 1958.

During its first year, it offered 15 unique courses ranging from yarn and fabric analysis to industrial chemistry.

In the 1970s, they diversified their courses. They expanded to chemical technology, computer systems, and more.

In the present day, students can explore numerous technical courses in an assortment of fundamental careers.

You’ll find degree and certificate programs for medical laboratory technology, culinary technology, and biotechnology.

With the cutting-edge facilities available to students, you’ll find university transfer courses, allowing you to move on to your dream four-year degree program.

Why Choose Colleges That Start With A?

With several great colleges that start with A across the USA, you can begin your post-secondary journey at many institutions.

From industry-leading technical programs to customizable liberal arts education, the options are relatively endless.

There’s no better time than now to get your name in for enrollment so you can be accepted into the program of your dreams.

Simply choose the educational institution that offers the program you want or can benefit your current or dream career.