10 Best Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into But Good

By Staff

Having a list of the best colleges that are easy to get into but good can make a massive difference to your quality of post-secondary learning.

A common misconception is that just because a program has a high acceptance rate, it’s not as well-rounded as highly competitive schools.

That said, dozens of top-ranked institutions unlock fantastic opportunities for students who also readily accept new students.

In this guide, we’ll review ten highly recommended institutions with great programs and high acceptance rates.

Each of these schools meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $21,000
  • An expected median starting salary no lower than $30,000
  • Offers accredited programs by recognized bodies

10 Best Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into But Good

1. Las Positas College

2-4 Year; Livermore, CA

Average Annual Cost: $3,799

Las Positas College is home to numerous great programs with an even better student acceptance rate.

When enrolled, you’ll find several insightful degree options to help you fuel your future career.

The best part is you get top-quality education at a fraction of the cost of some of the other top-ranked institutions in California.

At Las Positas College, students love the smaller, tight-knit environment it offers.

They’re able to study in smaller class environments and are taught by faculty specialists in their area.

With smaller class sizes, it offers more opportunities for one-on-one learning, which will surely benefit all students.

You’ll find various courses to help you learn career and technical-oriented skills.

With flexible class schedules, including night and weekend classes, it’s never been easier for every student to earn their degree, regardless of their personal schedule.

Additionally, Las Positas College has over 30 student clubs and organizations, helping students make lifelong connections with their peers and faculty.

2. Craven Community College

2-4 Year; New Bern, NC

Average Annual Cost: $6,133

Craven Community College is a fantastic school option for students interested in a dynamic curriculum.

Currently, there are over 4,000 enrolled students in the school’s regular degree programs and 11,000 professionals in workforce development training.

At Craven Community College, you’ll unlock many fabulous learning opportunities to give you the skills and hands-on experience to excel in your future careers.

Along with offering workforce training, students can dive into partnerships with four-year universities, helping them transfer to earn a full degree in their area of study.

Another massive advantage of their programs is that each course is taught by renowned faculty, giving students a more in-depth education than in other institutions.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be able to graduate as an expert in your field, which will certainly assist with your future career projects.

With state-of-the-art facilities like a 16,000-square-foot STEM Center, you’ll never have a shortage of tools and resources to develop your skills.

Additionally, Craven Community College offers a workforce facility that helps students excel in specific skilled trades.

3. Foothill College

2-4 Year; Los Altos Hills, CA

Average Annual Cost: $6,200

Foothill College is one of the most popular schools in California due to its wide selection of course offerings.

Students can dive into different learning pathways, such as earning a bachelor of science, associate’s degree, associate’s degree for transfer, or technical or occupational certificates.

With these options, you’ll undoubtedly have the documentation to find your dream career after graduating.

At Foothill College, students can enroll in over 191 degree and certificate programs for the upcoming school year.

Currently, the school offers one Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, while most other degree options are associate degrees in arts or science.

You’ll also be able to choose from certificates of achievement, proficiency, or career-oriented certificates.

On average, students can expect to learn in class sizes of around 23 students, which is remarkable for a school as popular as Foothill College.

On average, 13,837 students are enrolled during any semester, giving students plenty of opportunities to network and become a part of a close-knit community.

Along with academics, there are numerous college activities to explore, ranging from service leadership to student clubs.

4. Santa Barbara City College

2-4 Year; Santa Barbara, CA

Average Annual Cost: $6,775

Santa Barbara City College is a fantastic option for students looking for a high-quality curriculum without jumping through application hoops.

At this school, they work to foster a healthy learning environment where students can grow to become socially conscious members of their society.

With a diverse learning community under your belt, you’ll be able to dive into the fundamentals of dozens of specialties, helping you earn what’s needed to excel in your future career.

Santa Barbara City College is one of the smallest post-secondary schools on this list, with just under 5,000 students enrolled at the main campus.

Santa Barbara City College is known for its exceptional online programs, allowing students and working professionals to study independently.

In total, nearly 7,000 students are enrolled exclusively online.

When working towards a credit program, there are a few options for students to consider.

At Santa Barbara City College, you can earn an associate degree for transfer, an associate in arts, or an associate in science.

There is also a certificate of achievement program paired with a skills competency and a department award.

5. Moraine Park Technical College

2-4 Year; Fond du Lac, WI

Average Annual Cost: $9,464

Moraine Park Technical College is great for students looking to develop career-ready skills to dive right into a job after graduating.

You’ll have access to 100+ programs and degree offerings within their three campuses.

The school serves around 14,000 students annually, speaking to the quality of its programs and faculty.

When looking into the programs available at Moraine Park Technical College, there are 17 to consider.

Students can find subjects within education, apprenticeships, architecture, agriculture, finance, health sciences, and many more.

Along with standard degree and certificate programs, students can enroll in adult education courses, helping them establish a foundation before college enrollment.

6. Atlantic Technical College

2-4 Year; Coconut Creek, FL

Average Annual Cost: $9,464

Atlantic Technical College is unique because it combines a post-secondary and secondary school in one.

Students will have the opportunity to explore 35 challenging areas of study, allowing them to embark on high-paying, highly competitive careers after graduation.

That said, it’s a phenomenal opportunity for students interested in getting their entire education from one institution.

With Atlantic Technical College’s help, you can enroll in the high school diploma program and enroll in college afterward.

With their unique technical and career programs, you’ll study a curriculum well above the national standard.

Upon completion of your program, you’ll have the specific credentials needed to continue to your dream job.

7. University of Wyoming

4 Year; Laramie, WY

Average Annual Cost: $11,085

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind education in the heart of Wyoming?

The University of Wyoming is a phenomenal institution designed to help over 12,000 students achieve their career goals.

With over 200 areas of study, there surely isn’t a shortage of programs available for you to explore.

As expected, the University of Wyoming is home to an exceptional number of undergraduate and graduate degree options.

The student-to-faculty ratio at the school is slightly higher than others, at 14:1, but the quality of staff is quite notable.

You can find programs in energy resources, health sciences, business, education, arts, engineering, and law, to name a few.

8. Fox Valley Technical College

2-4 Year; Appleton, WI

Average Annual Cost: $12,207

Fox Valley Technical College is similar to many other schools on this list because the programs are designed for career-focused individuals.

With two-year programs, students will be able to get the degrees and credentials they need to dive headfirst into their dream careers.

You will get academic in-class teachings and plenty of real-world, hands-on experience.

At Fox Valley Technical College, students can choose from over 200 programs that can mostly be completed within 24 months.

You’ll also be studying amongst a rather diverse student body, making you feel like you’re part of a larger community.

With such an exceptional number of programs, you can guarantee this school has a high acceptance rate.

9. University of Kentucky

4 Year; Lexington, KY

Average Annual Cost: $18,203

The University of Kentucky is a top choice for students in the state and across the United States.

With fantastic educational opportunities and even better sports teams, there are endless pathways for all students.

Regarding academics, the University of Kentucky is home to over 200 academic programs and houses 16 degree-granting colleges, including an honors college and a graduate school.

Students can explore fundamental industries like pharmacy, nursing, medicine, design, dentistry, arts and sciences, business, education, and engineering.

The University of Kentucky is a full university, so they can gain their undergraduate and graduate degrees within the same school without transferring!

10. University of Kansas

4 Year; Lawrence, KS

Average Annual Cost: $20,257

The University of Kansas is another fantastic school with numerous learning opportunities for students.

With their foundation in 1865, they have diversified throughout five state campuses, depending on your major.

This school is unique because it has 400+ degrees and certificate programs, unlocking endless opportunities for students.

With over 5,000 courses, 200+ undergraduate fields, and 50+ nationally ranked graduate programs, your academic future will shine bright with their curriculum.

In addition, the University of Kansas has a thriving student community, helping students make lifelong connections.

Choose the Best Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into But Good Today!

Why not choose the best colleges that are easy to get into but good?

You’ll have higher acceptance rates and nationally ranked learning opportunities to help you dive into your future career.

With numerous disciplines and dynamic learning environments, there isn’t a shortage of opportunities for all students.