Best Colleges That Don’t Require Foreign Language Experience

By Staff

The number of colleges that don’t require foreign language experience might surprise you, as most post-secondary institutions don’t.

Although learning a second language can be a life-changing experience, it’s not a necessary requirement for the majority of colleges and universities nationwide.

Since you’ll find several colleges and universities to enroll in, we’ll help you narrow down your choices.

We’ll review ten top-ranked schools that don’t require students or staff to speak a foreign language for you to find one that suits your needs best.

Each of these schools included on our list meets the following criteria:

  • An average annual cost of no more than $38,000
  • An expected median starting salary no lower than $35,000
  •  Offers programs accredited by one or more recognized bodies

10 Best Colleges That Don’t Require Foreign Language Experience

1. Oklahoma State University

2-4 Year; Oklahoma City, OK

Average Annual Cost: $6,142

Oklahoma State University is one of the top-ranked institutions in the United States and is home to over 35,000 students from around the world.

Their five campuses have helped over 264,000 students graduate in their field of interest.

That said, Oklahoma State University does not require its students or faculty to speak a foreign language, but they have an incredibly inclusive campus.

In fact, nearly 100 countries are represented across the Oklahoma State University campus, unlocking a diverse learning environment.

Since the school was founded in 1890, it has made significant strides to offer a more inclusive learning environment for all students.

Regarding academics, Oklahoma State University has 87+ majors and 110+ minors for students to explore during their undergraduate studies.

They also have several master’s and doctorate degree programs paired with professional education certificates.

With a highly competitive curriculum, Oklahoma State University’s course offerings are surely some of the best in the state.

2. Harvard University

4 Year; Cambridge, MA

Average Annual Cost: $13,872

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious schools on this list, making it a top-tier option for academic-oriented students.

That said, the school does not have any requirements regarding knowing, speaking, or learning a foreign language.

However, they have a wide collection of language courses ranging from French to Japanese.

Nearly 35,276 students currently study at Harvard, and the school is home to 400,000+ alumni worldwide.

What makes Harvard University one of the best universities nationwide is its propensity to make education more affordable for all.

In total, the school has awarded over $2.4 billion in financial aid since the beginning of the Financial Aid Initiative in 2004.

As expected, you’ll find undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees and certificates.

Harvard University students can explore fascinating subjects, including astrophysics, bioengineering, molecular biology, Eastern languages, and more.

3. Yale University

4 Year; New Haven, CT

Average Annual Cost: $15,296

Yale is another massively astute institution that caters to intellectually driven students.

It’s also home to some of the most beautiful campus buildings students can experience at an Ivy League school.

From the Sterling Memorial Library to the Harkness Tower, students will have an unforgettable environment during their studies.

That said, Yale University is a relatively exclusive university home to 6,494 undergraduate and 8,031 graduate students.

Along with their on-campus enrollees, 2,780 international students have explored their course offerings, making their student body comprised of 22% international students.

Yale University students can explore over 100 departments and programs to find their ideal undergraduate, graduate, or professional study degrees.

4. Ohio State University

4 Year; Columbus, OH

Average Annual Cost: $16,845

Ohio State University isn’t just known for its lively campus and dedicated sports fans but its good selection of course options for students to explore.

With your studies, you’ll dive into community engagement, research, and innovation, giving you in-class and hands-on experience in several areas.

By graduation, you’ll have all the fundamentals you need to contribute positively to your community.

At Ohio State University, students can explore 200+ majors and 500+ specializations to help expand their education.

The school is ranked first in developing Fulbright Scholars and is the 9th top-ranked undergraduate teaching school in the United States.

Along with undergraduate programs, Ohio State University students can also look into graduate degrees and online courses.

5. California Institute of Technology

4 Year; Pasadena, CA

Average Annual Cost: $26,542

California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, is a phenomenal school designed to help students interested in STEM.

It’s produced the brightest alums worldwide who have gone on to work with the world’s most important leaders, such as NASA.

That said, you can guarantee their programs are intuitively designed with a highly competitive program designed for the best of the best.

Also, since Caltech is primarily a STEM school, they do not have any requirements for second language learning.

In fact, their course options regarding second languages are rather slim compared to other non-specialty post-secondary institutions.

6. Adelphi University

4 Year; Garden City, NY

Average Annual Cost: $30,140

Students looking for a modern education will likely come across Adelphi University in New York.

Their curriculum is fascinating, allowing students to take more control over their studies and giving a more personalized approach to learning.

With access to world-class academics, there are endless opportunities for students to explore.

Adelphi University is home to eight schools of study encompassing a variety of specialties.

You’ll have undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to choose from in addition to certificate programs.

With your courses, you’ll receive special real-world experience to help you become a leader in your industry of choice.

7. University of Rochester

4 Year; Rochester, NY

Average Annual Cost: $31,340

The University of Rochester is one of the world’s top research universities, opening numerous doors for prospective students.

With nearly 12,000 students currently enrolled, their classroom sizes are surprisingly smaller than expected.

Students can benefit greatly from a nine-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, giving more of a one-on-one experience than at other institutions.

At the University of Rochester, you’ll have 200+ bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs to choose from, in addition to certificates.

Each program falls within different schools of thought, which include medicine, education, business, music, and more.

As mentioned, you’ll also access several unforgettable research opportunities in your area of specialization when you enroll at the University of Rochester.

8. Duquesne University

4 Year; Pittsburgh, PA

Average Annual Cost: $31,383

Duquesne University is one of the nation’s best Catholic universities that promote an inclusive learning environment for all students.

It’s important to note that, like many other campuses, there aren’t any requirements for foreign language experience.

That said, you’ll embark on a unique learning journey with enrollment.

At Duquesne University, students will explore their area of study while sharing a connection with the Church.

Many of their courses revolve around liberal and creative arts and offer a 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio, which is a moderate class size for most schools.

Duquesne University students can dive into bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees across their nine schools of thought, offering 170+ programs.

9. Syracuse University

4 Year; Syracuse, NY

Average Annual Cost: $34,683

Syracuse University is undoubtedly one of the most popular schools in New York for students looking to get a world-class education.

Their state-of-the-art facilities and top-rated faculty members offer a specialized learning environment for students to appreciate.

You’ll develop skills in your specific area of interest and learn how to become a community leader through your studies.

Like other top-ranked institutions, Syracuse University makes it easier for students to attend college.

In fact, 83% of enrolled students at Syracuse University get financial aid.

Many of their graduating classes move on to graduate school, with 94% of undergrads going straight to their graduate schooling.

That said, the tailored academic experience this school offers is sure to adapt to any student’s learning style.

Apart from being ranked as an R1 research school, Syracuse University is home to an exceptional number of in-person and online programs.

You’ll find 200+ majors and 100+ minors across their 13 schools of learning.

In addition to undergraduate programs, you’ll find numerous graduate degree options to enroll in at Syracuse University.

10. Cornell University

4 Year; Ithaca, NY

Average Annual Cost: $37,042

Cornell University is for you if you’re looking for an amazing university that fosters healthy communication and learning.

Their diverse student body helps students fit into an incredible community, networking and making lifelong friends from day one.

Not to mention their academics are some of the highest-rated across the nation.

At Cornell University, students can enroll in over 4,000 courses offered through 100 academic departments.

Over 120 minors and 80+ undergraduate majors allow you to dive into several unforgettable topics.

In addition, Cornell University is home to 102 graduate fields of study, opening numerous doors.

The three fundamentals of the course offerings at this school are as follows: learning, research, and service.

Cornell University students must diversify their education while becoming top collaborators in research and learning.

Enroll At the Best Colleges That Don’t Require Foreign Language Experience Today!

If you’re a student who knows only English, it’s best to find colleges that don’t require a foreign language when it comes to enrollment.

Fortunately, the majority of post-secondary schools in the U.S. are flexible when it comes to language learning.

We guarantee that at least one of the ten schools on our list will have the degree you need to propel your future career.

So, start exploring your options and enroll at the educational institution of your choice.