10 Best Colleges That Require SAT Essay

By Staff

When building your list of potential future schools, pay close attention to the best colleges that require SAT essay scores.

Many of these highly competitive programs help you study academic excellence while diversifying your employable and leadership skills.

If you’re searching for the ideal program with great SAT, ACT, and other standardized testing scores, these ten educational institutions are for you.

Each of the schools we included in this guide meets the following criteria:

  • An average yearly cost of no more than $42,000
  • An expected median starting salary no lower than $45,000
  • Have accredited programs by recognized bodies

10 Best Colleges That Require SAT Essay

1. Cameron University

4 Year; Lawton, OK

Average Annual Cost: $8,421

Cameron University is one of the many schools that require students to submit their SAT scores upon enrollment.

These scores can guarantee you’re entering the right program for your needs to guarantee your future success.

Since academics are a fundamental aspect of the programs available at this school, you’ll find many competitive programs.

Cameron University houses 45+ programs that lead to associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees.

You’ll also have lifelong learning opportunities, making it easier to continue improving your employable skills, even after finding your ideal career.

Currently, there are three major schools of thought at the Cameron University, namely:

  • School of Arts and Sciences (Art, Music, Theatre Arts, Military Science, Computing, Communication, English, and many more)
  • School of Graduate and Professional Studies (Psychology, Business, Education, Sports and Exercise Science, and many more)
  • Office of Teaching and Learning

2. University of North Alabama

4 Year; Florence, AL

Average Annual Cost: $13,699

The University of North Alabama requires students to submit their standardized testing scores because they’re known for academic excellence and flexibility.

Students can build a learning pathway that best suits their every need with their programs.

Whether you want to study entirely on campus, online, or with hybrid course options, there are many pathways to consider.

The University of North Alabama specializes in post-secondary education, workforce development, and international programs.

You’ll find numerous remarkable studying opportunities to help you get a jumpstart in a career of your choosing, whether you want a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certificate.

Interestingly, students can also obtain a unique micro-credential that assists them with furthering their overall education.

Student life is also important at the University of North Alabama, as they help students feel like they’re part of a community.

You’ll find a collection of fraternities, sororities, and endless student clubs and organizations.

There are also numerous extracurriculars and sporting opportunities that students can choose from at the University of North Alabama.

3. Rice University

4 Year; Houston, TX

Average Annual Cost: $16,076

If research is where your heart lies, Rice University is one of the leading opportunities for academically oriented students.

Along with offering some of the most widely competitive programs across the United States, they also require SAT scores upon application.

This allows the school to select a specific group of students to offer enrollment to on an annual basis.

At Rice University, you’ll be studying on a 300-acre campus in Houston, Texas.

It’s also one of the most prestigious schools, according to the U.S. News & World Report, which has ranked it within the top 20 universities in the United States.

Rice University is unique because it unlocks the door to numerous unforgettable learning opportunities while offering a community-centric environment.

Students can attend courses with a six-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, giving you more personalized learning environments.

You’ll also be studying amongst an incredibly diverse student body, giving you access to lifelong opportunities and friends you won’t soon forget.

Regarding academics, students can choose from 50+ undergraduate majors across six avenues of study at Rice University.

You’ll find degree programs in architecture, natural sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and music.

In addition, students can dive into minors, pre-professional programs, and interdisciplinary studies with their comprehensive curriculum options.

4. Grambling State University

4 Year; Grambling, LA

Average Annual Cost: $16,964

Grambling State University surely has a sufficient number of academic programs for students to explore.

That said, you will be required to submit your standardized testing scores along with your application to be considered.

Many of the school’s programs are competitive and allow students to learn the ins and outs of specialties across numerous industries.

At Grambling State University, students can enroll in several colleges in arts and science, business, education, and professional studies.

You can also consider the honors college for students that excel beyond what’s expected, allowing you to earn specialized degrees.

In addition to undergraduate programs, you’ll also find graduate studies and continuing education opportunities.

Along with its exclusive academics, Grambling State University is well known for its numerous athletic opportunities.

Students can explore top-ranked teams in basketball, football, track and field, cross country, and more.

There are also numerous student organizations to enroll in, allowing you to find like-minded lifelong friends.

5. Texas A&M University

4 Year; College Station, TX

Average Annual Cost: $18,919

Texas A&M is filled with remarkable learning opportunities for students looking for prestigious higher learning.

Located in College Station, students can live amongst 69,000 other students on and off campus.

With 133 undergraduate programs, 175 master’s degree programs, and 92 doctoral degrees, it’s one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the entire state.

A major tenet of studying at Texas A&M University is that every student works to become a leader in their specific industry.

You’ll have access to fabulous research opportunities, leadership programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and modernized campus tools.

Not to mention, Texas A&M University has a global presence in countries including Qatar, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

6. Tarleton State University

4 Year; Stephenville, TX

Average Annual Cost: $20,307

Thanks to their partnership, Tarleton State University is a fantastic option for students interested in earning a Texas A&M-quality degree at a different institution.

Located an hour outside Fort Worth, Texas, Tarleton is home to over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs.

Students will be able to find unique and standard areas of study within seven colleges, which include business, education and human development, liberal and fine arts, agriculture, science and mathematics, and business.

Tarleton State University is also home to several online degree programs and fabulous on-campus course offerings.

You can opt to study entirely on your own time, which can be more cost-effective, especially if you would have to otherwise live on campus.

7. Saint Louis University

4 Year; Saint Louis, MO

Average Annual Cost: $25,039

Saint Louis University takes a unique approach to education, ensuring students have access to fundamental academic and personal development opportunities.

After submitting your mandatory SAT scores with your application, you’ll be on your way to becoming a part of the nation’s oldest Jesuit universities.

Saint Louis University is a fantastic option for students interested in international education, as they also have a campus in Madrid, Spain, for international studies.

On average, this school is home to 13,000 students annually searching for a transformative and rigorous avenue of study.

Saint Louis University currently offers 97 bachelor’s degree programs and 126 master’s and doctoral programs.

Some schools of thought students can explore at Saint Louis University are law, medicine, education, public health and social justice, philosophy, arts and sciences, health sciences, and social work.

8. Georgetown University

4 Year; Washington, DC

Average Annual Cost: $32,108

Georgetown University is one of the many non-test optional schools in the United States that requires students to put their best foot forward.

They require both SAT, ACT, and any other standardized testing required for your specific area of study.

It’s also important to note they’re the single oldest Jesuit and Catholic university, offering a diverse learning environment for every student.

At Georgetown University, you’ll become a part of a student body comprised of 17,000 students from 135+ countries.

The campus is also remarkable, filled with unforgettable buildings and architecture that will make an impression.

Aside from their prestigious academics, students can also experience fulfilling campus life with 350+ organizations and clubs.

9. Carnegie Mellon University

4 Year; Pittsburgh, PA

Average Annual Cost: $36,775

Carnegie Mellon is a well-known university in the United States with renowned educational courses accessible to all students with SAT scores.

With 14,500+ currently enrolled students from 100+ countries, you’ll be a part of a diverse student body.

In addition, the school is home to 1300+ faculty members, speaking to the quality of education students will receive.

At Carnegie Mellon University, students can dive into numerous areas of study, including fine arts, computer science, engineering, public policy, and computer science.

There are also dozens of interdisciplinary and pre-professional programs students can dive into.

10. Howard University

4 Year; Washington, DC

Average Annual Cost: $41,388

Howard University is a great place to start if you’re searching for the best private university that requires SAT scores.

The school was founded in 1867 and is home to 14 schools and colleges of thought.

You’ll find a complete list of 143+ undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.

In addition, Howard is a leader for students in STEM, unlocking the door to an endless number of unforgettable career options.

Whether you want to go into nursing, allied health sciences, or engineering, the options are endless.

Consider Colleges That Require SAT Essay Scores Today!

As a prospective university student, now’s the time to apply to the most competitive programs across the nation.

With your SAT scores in hand, it will be easier than ever before to get accepted into your dream program so you can begin exploring your future career.