10 Colleges That Start With M

By Staff

It’s surprising to see the sheer number of colleges that start with M in the United States.

With reputable programs spanning from New York to Florida, prospective students have numerous options.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best programs you can find across endless specialties to help you find the right program.

Colleges That Start With M

Let’s jump right into the list of ten fantastic colleges that start with M.

1. Midland College – Midland, Texas

Midland College is one of the best public community colleges in all of Texas.

Their coursework is designed to help students become educational leaders in their area of specialty, with three bachelor’s degree programs and 30 associate degree programs.

You’ll also be able to enroll in transfer and certificate programs, helping you move onto a four-year program of your choice for your future career.

One of the largest benefits of Midland College is the curriculum is designed to help students meet the needs of a changing workforce.

You’ll get industry-leading training and hands-on experience with local businesses, guaranteeing you’re available for employment after graduation.

Another massive advantage of this school is they focus a lot on affordability, ensuring their programs are a fraction of the cost of other Texas schools.

Midland College not only specializes in in-person studies, but they also have a diverse collection of online learning opportunities.

Students will also find hybrid educational programs, helping them find flexibility when working towards their career and academic goals.

2. Manhattan College – Riverdale, New York

Manhattan College has some fascinating statistics for students in The Bronx to consider.

Along with its convenient location for students in the borough, it’s also a 35-minute subway ride from central Manhattan.

One of the largest accomplishments this school holds near to its heart is that it’s ranked as the #1 transformative college in the state.

The central premise of the curriculum at this school is to guarantee students get the tools they need to feel empowered and excel in their studies.

You’ll not only learn to become a better community leader but a better worldwide contributor as well.

Every class is a fantastic blend of in-class and hands-on learning, helping you adapt to an ever-changing technical-centric working world.

3. Manor College – Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Manor College, like many other programs, is designed to help students see their true potential through academic excellence.

Every student can take a more personalized approach to designing their learning pathway, ensuring they can excel in their chosen field.

The school is located on a modest 20-acre campus in Jerkinton, offering several competitive programs to consider.

As a Catholic institution, you’ll find many of the learning opportunities centers on numerous faiths and backgrounds.

You’ll also have access to online courses, traditional on-campus learning environments, and hybrid learning options.

Whether you want to enroll in a career certificate program or even dual enrollment programs, the options are diverse.

4. Macalester College – Saint Paul, Minnesota

If there’s one thing students agree on while attending Macalester College, it’s that their learning environment is different from other schools.

Along with focusing on developing students’ academic backgrounds, there are numerous interpersonal benefits for students to explore.

There’s something for everyone, from extracurriculars to hundreds of student clubs and organizations.

Macalester College is unique because its campus is comprised of a tight-knit community, even though they’re in the heart of Minneapolis.

With their curriculum, you’ll be able to foster your academic excellence and curiosity while preparing yourself to be a worldwide industry leader.

With a ten-to-one student-to-faculty ratio, classroom sizes are much smaller than at other schools, giving you access to personalized instruction.

5. Martinsburg College – Martinsburg, West Virginia

Many students looking for post-secondary learning opportunities are searching for programs to prepare them for their careers.

Martinsburg College is a fantastic school with exceptional learning opportunities across various disciplines.

Students can find unique healthcare, medical administration, business, professional development, information technology, and security courses.

Along with these programs, the school has a selection of continuing and professional education programs.

One of the largest benefits of their curriculum is earning a certificate in as few as six months or an associate’s degree within 24 months.

Martinsburg College is an excellent option for students with busy schedules or currently employed professionals looking for an associate’s degree or certificate.

All of their courses are available online rather than offering in-person studies.

This allows you to create a custom learning experience while being able to study on your own time.

6. Maryville College – Maryville, Tennessee

Attending a nationally-ranked institution is an unforgettable dream for many students, and Maryville College can make that dream a reality.

It’s one of the oldest higher-learning colleges in the United States, with nearly 200 years of history.

Their exceptional selection of courses helps students explore 60+ majors, seven pre-professional programs, and career preparation options.

Students are sure to become community leaders once enrolled at Maryville, thanks to their emphasis on giving back to the world.

The school hosts research opportunities, volunteer options, and internships with local businesses.

You’ll also have the option to work alongside civic groups, organizations, and churches in your local area.

7. Medaille College – Buffalo, New York

Medaille College is what students are looking for when they want excellent course options paired with hands-on learning environments.

As a private, four-year university, students worldwide can find several competitive programs to enroll in.

At Medaille, you’ll find their entire curriculum is designed to assist with developing highly-trained working professionals.

Through your studies, you’ll have plenty of in-classroom education and hands-on learning through partnerships with businesses in your local community.

There’s also access to state-of-the-art facilities and unforgettable lectures from industry professionals, helping develop your sense of civic duty and leadership.

Networking is another major facet of the on-campus environment at this school, helping students make unforgettable lifelong connections with faculty and peers.

Students at Medaille College can unlock numerous courses across several areas of study, including business, management, leadership, education, science, mathematics, technology, psychology, and veterinary technology.

You’ll unlock doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree programs, whether you want to study online or in traditional day programs.

As an added benefit, Medaille College has two distinct campuses in Rochester and Buffalo.

8. Merced College – Merced, California

Merced College is the perfect choice for students searching for a school designed to support their every academic need.

You’ll develop fundamental skills through your studies while adapting to lifelong learning opportunities.

Students will also be able to find numerous degree and certificate programs as well as transfer options toward four-year degree programs.

Along with in-person learning, this school has numerous online and hybrid programs.

With online studies, you can have full control over when you attend class, allowing you to study on your own time at your convenience.

With dozens of areas of study, you’ll find specialties such as administrative office professions, accounting, computer science, HVAC technician, and kinesiology.

9. Miami Dade College – Miami, Florida

Students looking for post-secondary learning amongst a diverse student body will love the courses from Miami Dade College.

One hundred sixty-seven countries and 63 languages are represented at the school within its 300+ degree pathways.

Students can enroll in bachelor’s, associate’s, and apprenticeship programs and career certificates.

There surely is a sufficient number of programs available, as their degree offerings include public safety, data analytics, physician assistant studies, education, and more.

Along with endless competitive programs, Miami Dade College has several scholarship options that can help make post-secondary learning more affordable for students.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have all the necessary skills to be a leader in your industry of choice.

Outside of academics, Miami Dade College is home to several artistic events students can enjoy, from performing arts to literature.

Many of their extracurriculars are enriching, allowing students to explore and express their creativity while networking with peers.

Whether through the Miami Film Festival or the Museum of Art & Design, there are numerous art-related opportunities for students to explore.

10. Middlebury College – Middlebury, Vermont

Middlebury College is a prestigious undergraduate college home to international studies and graduate opportunities.

Students can enroll in graduate programs exploring literature and literacy while having unforgettable lifelong experiences.

The entire school curriculum is designed to support students through every step of obtaining their liberal arts education across numerous sciences.

Outside of Middlebury’s specialty in English, they also have programs encompassing social sciences, math, science, and humanities.

You’ll find a healthy blend of curricular activities, in-classroom instruction, and discussions among faculty and peers in each of your courses.

Undoubtedly, you’ll have all the fundamentals you need upon graduation to find gainful employment in your chosen industry.

Middlebury has some of the most unique majors and minors from a liberal arts college.

A few examples of their modernized course offerings include black studies, earth, and climate sciences, food studies, Jewish studies, studio art, and neuroscience.

Find Colleges That Start With M Today!

When searching for the perfect college or university, why not start with colleges that start with M?

There’s an endless list of options in every state imaginable, offering competitive academic-focused course options or more laid-back liberal arts curriculums.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s no better time to get your application submitted.