What We Think vs. What We Do: America’s Nutrition Evolution (Infographic)

By Staff

One of the biggest sectors that families spend money on is groceries and food. Something I never used to think about and I have lately been giving a little more consideration is the fact that there may be more of a correlation than we’d really like to think between nutrition and spending on healthcare costs. Eating healthy is important, and I think it’s interesting to take note of the fact that as a country, we’ve been on a collective journey of figuring out what that looks like for quite some time. As the official story of what constitutes a healthy balanced diet has changed, so has our standard American diet and the statistics about the incidence of preventable diseases like diabetes and heart disease have climbed. I think it’s important to save money on your food, and to not overindulge by eating fast food for the sake of cheapness or convenience. Your health and the food you eat and your family eats are worth investing in—balance frugality with quality and conscientious choices. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Our Infographic takes a look at some of the statistics about preventable diseases over the last few decades in the US, and a history of official food guides over time. It ends with some actionable pieces of advice for folks who find themselves in a less healthy state than they’d like or who simply want to maintain as healthy of a diet as they can. I thought it was very informative. I hope you find it helpful.