The Most Affordable Schools Offering Healthcare Programs Online

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The median tuition charged by colleges and universities across the nation with online healthcare programs is $10,320 yearly. The median tuition has increased, in recent years, by 36.5%. In 2007, the median tuition at these online colleges and universities was $7,562 annually.

The tuition range for online healthcare colleges from highest to lowest cost is displayed in the following graph:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 146
Low cost 144
Average cost 264
Most expensive 124

A yearly tuition of over $19,850 is charged by the costliest online healthcare colleges and universities. The cheapest colleges, on the other hand, require students to pay yearly tuition costs in the range of $600 to $4,560. The most inexpensive accredited online healthcare schools are located in Arizona, California, Kansas, Massachusetts, and New Mexico.

  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health – Cardiopulmonary Science
  • Associate of Science in Allied Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Allied Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Management
  • Bachelor in Allied Health Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health – Allied Health Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies – Allied Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies in Allied Health – Administration/Management
  • Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies in Allied Health – Advanced Respiratory Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health – Radiography

In 2011, of all healthcare graduates from online colleges and universities in the nation, roughly 19% earned credentials from these reasonably priced programs. This represents 938,929 of the 4,909,220 graduates from around the US. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of healthcare graduates from the least expensive online schools has increased by 64,557 graduates per year, while the percentage of graduates from these schools has decreased.

Tuition ranging from $4,577 to $9,134 yearly is charged by other somewhat more expensive online healthcare schools. Tuition in this range is charged by 144 of the 678 online colleges offering healthcare programs in the country.

Approximately 1,786,352 students earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. This is 36% of the nation’s healthcare graduates. The number of graduates from these colleges was only 1,515,980 students, only 5 years earlier, in 2006. Therefore, the number of students graduating from these reasonably priced online colleges has increased by 18%.

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1. North Shore Community College Danvers, Massachusetts $600 $6,168
2. Panola College Carthage, Texas $600 $600
3. Santa Ana College Santa Ana, California $624 $5,424
4. Fitchburg State University Fitchburg, Massachusetts $970 $7,050
5. Framingham State University Framingham, Massachusetts $970 $7,050
6. Eastern New Mexico University Roswell, New Mexico $1,214 $4,456
7. Seward County Community College and Area Technical School Liberal, Kansas $1,280 $2,176
8. Pima Community College Tucson, Arizona $1,284 $6,456
9. Randolph Community College Asheboro, North Carolina $1,356 $5,964
10. University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth, Massachusetts $1,417 $8,099
11. Sandhills Community College Pinehurst, North Carolina $1,600 $7,722
12. Casper College Casper, Wyoming $1,632 $4,896
13. Barton County Community College Great Bend, Kansas $1,636 $2,408
14. Broward College Fort Lauderdale, Florida $1,676 $1,676
15. Western Nebraska Community College Scottsbluff, Nebraska $1,680 $2,016
16. GateWay Community College Phoenix, Arizona $1,704 $7,488
17. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,937
18. University of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,758
19. North Central Texas College Gainesville, Texas $1,728 $2,760
20. Cowley County Community College Arkansas City, Kansas $1,767 $3,224

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