Summer Jobs That let you enjoy the summer

By Staff

For many college students, summer represents an opportunity to pad the old resume with important (at least on paper) work. However, in today’s economy — when college students are fighting over retail jobs with unemployed real estate attorneys — competition is fierce, and salaries stagnant, plus it’s summer. So assuming you can even land a gig, who wants to be trapped in the canned mall air, reassuring the middle aged that yes, skinny jeans are a good idea for them and they should by three pairs?

Fortunately, today’s student doesn’t have to be trapped by either the bourgeois expectations of summer employers or the Muzak’d parapets of shopping megacenters. Indeed, you can do several things to further your career aspirations and education, and perhaps even raise your standard of living. I’ve compiled four summer employment options — culled from Questia, the world’s largest online library — that meet the following criteria: 1. Flexibility. With a flexible schedule or even a work-from anywhere option, you can literally work around your otherwise busy summer fun schedule; 2. Decent income/experience potential. If you’re not making money or increasing your career potential, why bother? Go enjoy your summer.

3. Little previous experiencce needed. You’re a college student. If you had the expeerience need to get a real job, you’d get one. Then, of course, you’d be trapped inside all summer… and for the rest of your life.