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A median tuition of $8,500 annually is charged by schools around the country that have online PhD in business administration programs. The median tuition has increased, over the past few years, by 32.7%. The median tuition annually was $6,406 at these online colleges and universities in 2007.

Online PhD in business administration colleges can also be referred to as administration colleges. The tuition range for colleges offering online business administration programs at the doctorate level from highest to lowest cost is displayed in the following graph:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 7
Low cost 7
Average cost 7
Most expensive 14

The most expensive colleges that have online doctoral degree program in business administration programs require students to pay a yearly tuition of over $13,680. On the other hand, annual tuition charged by the cheapest schools ranges from $1,714 to $5,461. The accredited online business administration doctoral degree program schools that are the least costly are located in Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Information Systems
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Global Business Sustainability
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Accounting
  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • D.B.A. with an Emphasis in Management
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Marketing
  • Doctor of Business Administration – International Business

In 2011, of all business administration graduates with doctoral degree programs from online colleges and universities in the nation, an estimated 26% earned credentials from these cheap programs. This represents 203,879 of the 772,872 graduates from across the country. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of business administration graduates with PhD from the least expensive online colleges has increased by 14,091 graduates yearly, while the percentage of graduates from these colleges has decreased.

Tuition ranging from $5,568 to $7,900 each year is charged by other somewhat more expensive online business administration doctorate program schools. Roughly 7 of the 35 online schools that have PhD in business administration programs in the US charge tuition in this range.

In 2011, 25.7%, or 198,289 of the country’s business administration PhD level graduates received their certificates from these cheap online programs. Only 120,045 students earned credentials from these schools in 2006, which was just 5 years prior. Thus, from these affordable online colleges and universities, the number of graduates has increased by 65%.

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1. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,937
2. Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida $2,296 $12,458
3. University of Florida Gainesville, Florida $3,530 $24,746
4. Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma $4,103 $14,925
5. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina $4,815 $23,430
6. University of Mississippi University, Mississippi $5,436 $13,890
7. Mississippi State University Mississippi State, Mississippi $5,461 $13,801
8. University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee $5,568 $18,936
9. University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa $6,128 $22,424
10. Auburn University Auburn, Alabama $7,008 $21,024
11. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois $7,290 $18,225
12. University of Missouri St. Louis, Missouri $7,368 $18,957
13. Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona $7,793 $20,257
14. University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama $7,900 $20,500
15. Washington State University Pullman, Washington $8,080 $19,122
16. University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia $8,356 $30,630
17. Cleveland State University Cleveland, Ohio $8,466 $11,387
18. University of Texas Arlington, Texas $8,500 $15,940
19. Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana $8,592 $26,144
20. Rutgers University Newark, New Jersey $9,926 $21,388

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