Online Merchandising Degrees That Charge the Least Tuition

By Staff

Colleges and universities across the nation that have online merchandising programs require students to pay a median tuition of $5,363 per year. The median tuition has increased by 26.9% in recent years. At these online colleges the median tuition per annum in 2007 was $4,225.

The tuition range for online merchandising colleges from most to least costly is displayed in the following graph:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 2
Low cost 0
Average cost 0
Most expensive 3

A yearly tuition of over $5,363 is charged by the costliest online merchandising colleges and universities. The cheapest colleges and universities, however, charge students per annum tuition costs ranging from $3,714 to $5,096. The accredited online merchandising schools that are the lowest cost are located in New York and Texas.

  • Associate of Arts in Retail Merchandising – Store Operations
  • Master of Science in Merchandising – Research
  • Master of Science in Human Sciences – Interior Merchandising
  • Associate of Arts and Science in Fashion Merchandising
  • Associate of Arts in Retail Merchandising – Management
  • Master of Science in Apparel and Textiles – Merchandising
  • Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising
  • Associate of Arts in Retail Merchandising – Personnel
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Merchandising
  • Bachelor of Science in Retail Management – Fashion Merchandising

These reasonably priced programs graduated roughly 37% of merchandising graduates from online schools around the US in 2011. This represents 28,391 of the 75,843 graduates from around the US. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of merchandising graduates from the least expensive online colleges has increased by 12,530 graduates yearly, while the percentage of graduates from these colleges has decreased.

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