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The average tuition charged by schools around the country offering online manufacturing programs is $11,848 yearly. The average tuition has increased by 19.6% in recent years. At these online colleges and universities the average tuition per annum in 2007 was $9,907.

The tuition range for online manufacturing colleges is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the most to least costly colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 2
Low cost 2
Average cost 3
Most expensive 3

At the high end, schools with online manufacturing programs charge students more than $11,648 in tuition annually. On the other end of the spectrum, per annum tuition in the range of $3,180 to $4,853 is charged by the cheapest colleges and universities. The least expensive accredited online manufacturing schools are located in North Carolina and Wisconsin.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business – Manufacturing Sector
  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering – Manufacturing Processes and Precision Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Management – Manufacturing Sector
  • Bachelor in Business – Manufacturing Sector
  • Bachelor in Management – Manufacturing Sector
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management – Design and Manufacturing
  • Master of Engineering in Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Master of Science in Professional Studies – Manufacturing Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Business in Management – Manufacturing Sector
  • Master of Business Administration in Integrated Design and Manufacturing and Engineering

In 2011, roughly 18% of manufacturing graduates from online colleges across the country earned credentials from these reasonably priced programs. Therefore, of the 174,362 graduates from around the US, 30,763 are from the least costly schools. From 2006 to 2011, the number of manufacturing graduates from the least costly online schools has increased by 1,424 graduates per year. However, the percentage of graduates from these schools has decreased.

Other somewhat more costly online manufacturing colleges charge a yearly tuition in the range of $6,302 to $7,148. Of the 10 online colleges and universities that have manufacturing programs in the nation, 2 have tuition in this range.

Approximately 15.9%, or 27,782 of the nation’s manufacturing graduates earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. Only 13,987 students earned credentials from these colleges and universities in 2006, which was a short 5 years prior. Thus, the number of graduates from these affordable online colleges has increased by 99%.

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1. Fox Valley Technical College Appleton, Wisconsin $3,180 $4,770
2. North Carolina State University at Raleigh Raleigh, North Carolina $4,853 $17,388
3. University of Wisconsin Menomonie, Wisconsin $6,302 $14,048
4. Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan $7,148 $21,053
5. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois $7,290 $18,225
6. Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky $7,560 $18,840
7. University of Michigan Dearborn, Michigan $8,857 $20,068
8. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan $11,648 $35,812
9. Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York $30,282 $30,282
10. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois $31,362 $31,362