Online Linguistics Programs That are Most Affordable

By Staff

Of the schools in the country, only 4 are online linguistics schools. These colleges and universities charge students an average annual tuition of $4,331. In recent years, the average tuition has increased by 48%. In 2007, the per annum average tuition was $2,927 at these online colleges and universities.

A yearly tuition of about $7,793 is charged by the costliest online linguistics college. On the other end of the spectrum, an annual tuition of $1,714 is charged by the cheapest college.

  • BA/Applied Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Social Science – Forensic Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics – ESL Studies
  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies – English: Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics – Foreign Language Pedagogy

In 2011, of all linguistics graduates from online colleges and universities in the country, roughly 31% earned credentials from these least costly programs at UMA. This represents 39,968 of the 130,556 graduates from across the country. From 2006 to 2011, the number of linguistics graduates from the least costly programs at UMA has increased by 8,258 graduates per annum. However, the percentage of graduates from these colleges has decreased.

In 2011, 24,427 students received their certificates from these affordable online programs at Iowa State University. This represents 19% of the country’s linguistics graduates. Thus, from these low tuition online programs at ISU, the number of graduates has increased by 100%.

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