Online Gerontology Programs Ranked by Cost of Tuition

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An annual average tuition of $14,866 is charged by colleges that offer online gerontology programs in the US. In recent years, there has been a 1.4% increase in the average tuition. The per annum average tuition was $14,655 at these online colleges and universities in 2007.

The tuition range for online gerontology colleges is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the highest to lowest cost colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 3
Low cost 3
Average cost 3
Most expensive 4

At the high end, schools offering online gerontology programs charge students more than $21,688 in tuition yearly. But, the cheapest colleges and universities charge per annum tuition costs in the range of $1,714 to $4,032. Massachusetts, Montana, and South Carolina are home to the least expensive accredited online gerontology schools.

  • Master of Health Administration – Gerontology
  • PhD in Health Related Sciences – Gerontology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Development – Adult Development and Gerontology
  • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership – Gerontology
  • PhD in Community Health Sciences – Gerontology
  • Master of Science in Nursing Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Master of Science in Gerontology – Management of Aging Services
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice – Adult/Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nursing – Adult-Gerontology Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Science in Nursing – Adult-Gerontology Health Nurse Practitioner

These cheap programs graduated an estimated 9% of gerontology graduates from online schools around the US in 2011. This represents 19,277 of the 216,238 graduates from across the country. From 2006 to 2011, the percentage of gerontology graduates from the most inexpensive online schools has increased. Also, the number of graduates has increased by 4,647 graduates per year.

Other somewhat more costly online gerontology schools charge a yearly tuition in the range of $4,103 to $8,080. Of the 13 online colleges and universities with gerontology programs in the nation, 3 offer programs with tuition in this range.

A reported 28.5%, or 61,592 of the nation’s gerontology graduates earned their degrees and certificates from these affordable online programs in 2011. The number of graduates from these schools was only 52,555 students, just 5 years earlier, in 2006. This is a 17% increase in the number of students graduating from these cheap online schools.

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1. University of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,758
2. Greenville Technical College Greenville, South Carolina $3,732 $7,192
3. Flathead Valley Community College Kalispell, Montana $4,032 $9,800
4. Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma $4,103 $14,925
5. Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas $6,672 $17,700
6. Washington State University Pullman, Washington $8,080 $19,122
7. University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $14,076 $23,732
8. Marylhurst University Marylhurst, Oregon $17,730 $17,730
9. Brenau University Gainesville, Georgia $19,870 $19,870
10. Webster University St. Louis, Missouri $21,688 $21,688
11. Concordia University Seward, Nebraska $21,940 $21,940
12. Mount St Mary’s College Los Angeles, California $29,232 $29,232
13. University of Southern California Los Angeles, California $40,384 $40,384