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Colleges in the US with online adult education programs have a median tuition of $10,920 per year. There has been a 32.4% increase in the median tuition over the past few years. In 2007, the annual median tuition was $8,250 at these online schools.

Online adult education schools are also known as adult education and training schools. The tuition range for online adult education colleges is displayed in the following graph. Tuition is shown from the most to least costly colleges and universities.

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 4
Low cost 4
Average cost 12
Most expensive 8

Tuition of more than $11,940 yearly is charged by the most expensive online adult education colleges. On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest colleges require students to pay yearly tuition costs in the range of $3,002 to $7,560. The accredited online adult education schools that are the most inexpensive are located in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas.

  • Master of Science in Adult Education
  • Master of Arts in Adult Education – Technology Management
  • Master of Arts in Adult Education – Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Adult Education
  • Doctor of Education in Adult Education – Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Master of Education – Adolescent and Young Adult Education
  • Master of Arts in Adult Education – Continuing Education
  • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership – Adult Education
  • Master of Arts in Education in Adult Education
  • Doctor of Education in Health Care – Adult Education

In 2011, these low tuition programs graduated approximately 28% of adult education graduates from online colleges and universities in the nation. This represents 69,450 of the 252,799 graduates from across the country. Between 2006 and 2011, the percentage of adult education graduates from the lowest cost online schools has increased, while the number of graduates has also increased by 55,940 graduates per year.

Tuition ranging from $9,400 to $9,780 annually is charged by other somewhat more expensive online adult education colleges and universities. A reported 4 of the 28 online schools with adult education programs in the US charge tuition in this range.

In 2011, 6.4%, or 16,179 of the country’s adult education graduates received their certificates from these cheap online programs. Only 5 years prior, in 2006, as much as 49,961 students earned credentials from these colleges. Therefore, from these reasonably priced online colleges and universities, the number of students graduating has decreased by 68%.

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1. Northwestern State University of Louisiana Natchitoches, Louisiana $3,002 $10,744
2. Texas A & M University Kingsville, Texas $4,066 $12,221
3. University of Georgia Athens, Georgia $7,070 $25,280
4. Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky $7,560 $18,840
5. University of Phoenix Albuquerque, New Mexico $9,400 $9,400
6. University of Phoenix Springfield, Missouri $9,480 $9,480
7. University of Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona $9,720 $9,720
8. University of Phoenix Reno, Nevada $9,780 $9,780
9. University of Phoenix Plantation, Florida $9,960 $9,960
10. University of Phoenix Maitland, Florida $9,960 $9,960
11. University of Phoenix Jacksonville, Florida $9,960 $9,960
12. University of Phoenix Temple Terrace, Florida $9,960 $9,960
13. University of Phoenix Tigard, Oregon $10,320 $10,320
14. University of Phoenix Dallas, Texas $10,920 $10,920
15. University of Phoenix San Antonio, Texas $10,920 $10,920
16. University of Phoenix Reston, Virginia $11,160 $11,160
17. University of Phoenix Honolulu, Hawaii $11,160 $11,160
18. University of Phoenix Troy, Michigan $11,160 $11,160
19. University of Phoenix Richmond, Virginia $11,160 $11,160
20. University of Phoenix Grand Rapids, Michigan $11,160 $11,160

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