MyFICO Promotional Code

By Staff

Over the weekend I completed one of my year-end financial checkup tasks.  I visited and pulled a current copy of my credit report. This exercise was even easier this year considering the MyFICO promotional code that gives 30% off of their products between now and the end of March (just provide the promotion code “myFICOis9 when ordering your FICO score report).

I was pleasantly surprised at the bump in my credit score since the last time I checked it. Since paying off all our credit cards, our FICO score has increased about 40 points. It wasn’t bad to start with, but was in the “average” range, and has now moved to “very good.”

Getting our updated credit score was nice, but the real reason I request a credit report at the end of the year (and again in the summer) is to check for any suspicious account activity – new accounts that I didn’t open, balances or personal information that I don’t recognize, etc.

If it has been a while since you last pulled you credit bureau report, I suggest taking advantage of this opportunity offered by

How to Save 30% On Products

1. Visit

2. Choose “FICO® Standard” in the right sidebar

3. Click the “Buy Now” button

4. Select the credit bureau(s) you’d like to receive a report from

5. Log in or create an account

6. On the “Customer Agreement” page, enter the promotional code “myFICOis9″

7. Verify your discounted order and finalize the purchase.

Simply click the button above to take advantage of this promotional offer from