Goodbye Expanded Cable TV: What Will I Miss Most

By Staff

As I mentioned a few posts ago my wife and I agreed to take the cable service down to basic programming only. This means for $12 a month we’ll get to keep the major broadcast networks, PBS and CSPAN, but we lose the remaining 50-plus channels available with expanded cable service. We almost decided to go with Dish Network for the expanded channel lineup, but in the end we just went with basic cable.

I have to admit it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. We have become so programmed (pardon the pun) to revolve our daily schedules around the television. When you finally cut the cord it makes you a little anxious because you wonder how you will fill an evening without all those programming options. Instead of being my usually strong-willed, frugal-minded self I thought I would take a minute to actually confess what I’ll miss most, balanced with a couple things I definitely won’t miss.

I’ll miss these favorites:

  • CNBC. This is the finance enthusiasts equivalent to ESPN for sports guys. Programming starts early in the morning with overseas market coverage and leads up to the NYSE opening. I enjoyed watching nightly programming such as Jim Cramer’s Mad Money to get a wrap of the day’s market activity. The Big Idea, hosted by Donny Deutche, was another program I frequently watched because I have always been interested in learning from successful entrepreneurs.
  • ESPN. Speaking of sports guys, I am a huge football fan. In fact, I usually start suffering from withdrawals immediately after the Super Bowl. I guess it is only fitting that we lose ESPN the day after the big game. Fortunately, we still have internet access so I can get to for my football fix.
  • TLC. I became a fan of The Learning Channel back when Flip this House aired on it (not the shorter program with random people fixing up houses, but the group from Charleston, SC, Trademark Properties). That group moved to A&E, so I still won’t be able to see their show. That guy Armando Montelongo that took Trademark’s place on Flip this House was always entertaining as well. My wife and I started watching John and Kate Plus 8 reruns during the Hollywood writers strike, and will miss their new episodes from this season.
  • Discover Channel. I’ve always been a fan of the Discover Channel. I’m a closet survival junkie and was a big fan of Man vs. Wild, Everest, and even that Ice Road Truckers show. Maybe I can catch the DVDs onNetflix.

What I Definitely Won’t Miss:

  • MTV. I’m old enough to remember back when MTV used to actually stand for Music Television. They played music videos, broke news about bands, etc. Now the channel is an endless string of mindless shows such as Real World, Sweet 16 and other ilk depicting bratty youth at their worst. Good riddance, MTV.
  • Bravo. This is one I didn’t even like having access to in our home. I’ve seen some highly objectionable material on at all times of the day, and was always afraid the kids would stumble on something that would generate questions I wasn’t ready to answer. When I was a kid these kinds of shows were on pay-per-view, but now they are featured prime time programming.
  • E. I think the name of the channel was either “E” or “Entertainment Television.” I’m not sure because I never left the TV there long enough to find out! I’m pretty sure the objective of the entire network was to waste American lives in thirty-minute increments by filling their brains with useless celebrity information. No wonder they were so popular.

So I say goodbye to channels 14-70. It’s been fun while it lasted. Now I’m off to read a book, get out of debt and enjoy some quality time with my family.