Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

By Staff

As the heat of summer dissipates and fall arrives with cooler temperatures, kids and adults alike feel the urge to get out more. However, finding budget-friendly activities can be challenging. A trip to the zoo, amusement park or another mainstream attraction can bring the daily fun bill to well over $100. Fortunately, there are several fun fall activities that the entire family can enjoy.

1. Find an orchard for a day of apple picking. The prices per pound vary, but most people are able to pick at least 20 pounds of apples for under $50. This is a fun activity that keeps everyone active. Parents can use the apples to make healthy snacks with their kids. The apples can also be made into cider or baked in pies.2. Spend a day at a pumpkin patch. These are fun destinations for both kids and parents. Many pumpkin patch hosts offer face painting, healthy snacks and pumpkin carving lessons. Families can also choose additional pumpkins to take home for baking projects or to carve into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

3. Go on a hayride. Admission for group hayrides is usually very inexpensive. Some places also offer family discounts. Local farmers or organizations usually sponsor these events in almost every community. To make the activity educational, explain to kids how hay is grown, harvested and used.

4. Make some fun fall crafts. For under $50, it is easy to purchase a few supplies or find some odds and ends around the house to make crafts with. Kids can pick up leaves, press them between two sheets of contact paper, punch holes in the top and use them as garlands or sun catchers. With a little straw, burlap, paint and wood sticks, kids can make miniature scarecrows. There are plenty of other imaginative craft ideas found at

5. Make some gift baskets. Families who visit pumpkin patches or apple orchards will have plenty of resources for baking. While some families may prefer to can or freeze most of these items, it is also possible to give a little of it away. Making cookies, breads or healthy snacks to give away can teach kids about the importance of sharing. Contact a local nursing home or church about scheduling a visit to pass these items out to elderly people. Kids can also give away some of the crafts they made. Another option is to gather a few useful hygiene items from around the home to send to a soldier overseas along with some handmade crafts. Kids can write letters to a soldier to include in a care package. To find a soldier to mail a package of hygiene items, decorations and letters to, visit It costs less than $15 to send a large flat-rate box to a service member overseas.

6. Plan a fall or Halloween party. To teach kids about organization, plan a fall or Halloween party. Bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving and other inexpensive activities can be included. To save money and provide a fun activity opportunity, have kids make the invitations to send either in the mail or online. Parents can also have their kids help bake snacks and hang homemade decorations for the party.

With a little creativity, it is possible to come up with many other fun fall activities that the whole family can enjoy. The key idea to remember is to stay active, be frugal and teach kids a useful lesson in the process.