Father’s Day Gifts for Frugal Dads

By Staff

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a Father’s Day gift for your dad. If your dad is the frugal type, however, he might not really approve of you spending vast sums of money on something that isn’t really useful. Why not use this holiday to show your dad that you’ve taken his lessons about frugality to heart? Buying a gift that your frugal dad will approve of doesn’t mean getting him something cheap or not getting him anything at all. To get the inspiration that you need to buy him something great, check out the following examples.

Personalized Photo or Video Gifts

Father’s Day is a natural time to reflect on all of the years that you’ve enjoyed with your dad. Why not commemorate them by creating a personalized photo or video gift? If you have video-editing software, it’s easy enough to put together old videos into a single one that honors your dad in a touching way. Another nice idea is to find a great shot of the two of you together, have it enlarged and put it in a really nice frame. Gifts like these don’t cost a lot, but they are loaded with meaning and are sure to tickle your dad.

Software that Promotes Saving

As frugal as he is, your dad may be reluctant to shell out his hard-earned money on today’s best accounting programs. Why not do that for him yourself? He’s sure to be thrilled when he is presented with software that will make it easier for him to create and stick to a budget. Today’s best programs couldn’t be easier to use, and they often include tax-preparation tools as well. Free software works fine in a pinch, but nothing can truly compare to high-end accounting software.

Warehouse Club Membership

Does your dad live near a Costco or a Sam’s Club? If he does but doesn’t have a membership to one of these warehouse clubs, you might have just found the perfect gift for him. Frugal folks are often reluctant to spend the money to buy memberships in these clubs. After stepping through the doors and seeing the great deals though, they are usually glad they came. As an added bonus, buy a gift card for the store and accompany your dad on his first visit. He’s bound to be blown away by what he finds, and the two of you will have a blast.

CFL Bulbs

Many people would scoff at the idea of giving someone a pack of light bulbs as a gift. If you know your dad well, however, and he’s truly frugal, you also know that he’ll heartily approve. CFL bulbs last a lot longer than regular light bulbs, and they use up to 75 percent less energy. Over time, they can save your dad a lot of money on his electric bill. The one drawback is that they cost a lot more than regular bulbs. With this gift, your dad can switch over to CFLs and save a bundle.

Fire Safe

If your dad currently uses a safety deposit box at a local bank, he’s shelling out extra money every month for bank fees. You can put an end to that for him by getting him a high-quality fire safe. Your dad can place all of his important documents and belongings in the safe and might be able to stop using the safety deposit box at the bank. It’s one of those things that a frugal person probably wouldn’t want to pay for himself, but it’s one that is sure to get a lot of use.

As you can see, getting the right Father’s Day gift for your frugal dad doesn’t have to be difficult. The trick to doing it is broadening your definition of what a gift is. Gifts don’t have to be flashy or expensive. They don’t have to be useless either. Your dad will be very pleased to see that he raised you to be smart about money. He’ll also be thrilled with whatever you decide to give him. Even if you get him something as simple as a gift card to a local gas station, your dad will probably agree that it’s the best Father’s Day present he’s ever received.