Dave Ramsey Built a $4.9 Million House: Good for Him, or Over the Top?

By Staff

Naturally, I am skeptical of anything found on the Web. However, this story appears to be legit. Dave Ramsey, the popular personal finance talk show host and author of The Total Money Makeover, built a$4.9 million home. It appears he did so with cash, so can’t fault him there.

In fact, I really can’t fault him at all. He earned his wealth and chose to spend it on a home. Now personally, I could probably find other things to spend nearly $5 million on. Heck, I could easily build a $1 million home and give the rest away. But I suspect Dave has done his share of giving.

On the other hand, isn’t it a bit ostentatious to build such a magnificent home atop a hill for all to see? Shouldn’t Dave Ramsey’s new house be a bit more modest? I guess the bottom line for me is that we really have no right to tell Dave how to spend his money. After all, he was stimulating the economy. Someone had to plan and build that home, decorate it, furnish it, etc. It probably created a number of jobs for the life of the building project.

Interested to hear your thoughts on Dave Ramsey’s new house (click for pictures). Good for him, or over the top?

Update: Dave Ramsey shared his comments on the subject on another blog. Read what he had to say.

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