Weekly Roundup – A Mouse in the House Edition

By Staff

Photo courtesy of Denis Defreyne

The Frugal household came to a screeching halt Wednesday night when we discovered mice have decided to take up residency in our garage.  My wife is threatening to move out until they are eradicated, and my daughter is terrified.  My son, on the other hand, has decided mice are “cool” and Daddy’s exasperated attempts at catching them is even cooler!  I thought about getting a cat, but I could envision the cat taking off after a mouse, and our dog taking off after the cat, and me chasing all of them.  Besides, knowing my luck the cat would be about as concerned with mice as the one featured in the photograph above.

The mice have taught me a valuable lesson in perservernace.  They found a loose brick outside our garage, squeezed through the crack, chewed completely through the baseboard and are hiding in our garage.  Let’s just hope they leave before deciding to start a new colony behind our freezer.

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