Weekend Wrapup: Spring Cleaning Edition

By Staff

Friday night was “game night” and we all gathered around the Scrabble board. Frugal Dad barely pulled out a victory over the wife and kids, but they kept it a close match.

Saturday I visited a library in a neighboring town (with more of a selection than our local library). I picked up five or six great reads on the 52 week reading series, and a couple that were not. That should keep my busy for a while.

Saturday afternoon I steam-cleaned our carpets using a Hoover SteamVac we bought last last year. With two kids and a 100 lb. dog we decided this was a good investment, and I haven’t been disappointed with its performance. With the cost of renting cleaning equipment continuing to rise this easily paid for itself after only a couple uses.

And now for a quick roundup of a few of my favorite articles over the past week:

7 Reasons My Life is More Fulfilling from My Super-Charged Life reminds us what is really important in this world. The beautiful thing is bank account balances appeared no where near this list!

Things I Didn’t Learn in College: Part 4 – How I Learned to Stop Fooling Myself. Ron reminds us to be careful to look at things objectively, and not to simply look for things that agree with our preconceived ideas. This is important in the world of finance, as many people tend to seek out advice that agrees with what they are already planning to do, instead of looking for the best advice available.

Trent tells us about his plan to achieve financial independence in Financial Independence: Defining It and Figuring Out How to Get There. The thought of achieving F.I. is motivation enough to continue to get out of debt and make savings a priority.

Tricia is under $15,000 in credit card debt thanks to some help from Craigslist sales, a few ING referrals and hard work from her husband. Next up, the $10k milestone and then it’s single digits from there – great job Tricia!

What Can You Do With Unwanted Gift Cards over at WiseBread features some good ideas for unloading those gift cards you haven’t used since Christmas. That’s why I like to receive cash – it spends anywhere.

Minimalist Meals: Fantastic Food in Ten Minutes or Less as reviewed by J.D. I’m gearing up for a busy week at work and I’ve bookmarked this one for some quick dinner ideas. I’m wondering if “hot dogs on buns” or “Southeast Asia Steak Salad” would go over better with the kids. Maybe I’ll have to cook two meals that night!

Have a great President’s Day weekend everyone!