The Cost of Getting The Flu (Infographic)

By Staff

With flu season mostly behind us, this infographic assess the financial impact to individuals and the economy that results each year from the common virus. This latest infographic, “The Cost of Getting the Flu,” covers flu expenditures from the individual to the nation. Detailing the costs to an average person getting the flu, the cost to businesses each season, the costs to the US economy, and the potentially detrimental costs in the event of a massive flu pandemic, the graphic calls for more action in flu prevention and shows you what you can do to prepare and get better for less.

From an average annual $35 flu shot for individuals to a staggering $87.1 billion taken out of the US economy each year as a result of flu season, the costs covered by this graphic take the individual’s plight to the national level. “The Cost of Getting the Flu” shows how sick days add up, reducing the workforce and what kinds of financial consequences can result to businesses and the economy, most of which are rarely discussed during flu season.

As we wind down our worries about catching the flu, it’s worthwhile to remember that many measures can be taken to reduce your risk of getting the flu next year, saving your health and money.

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