The 411 on Flower Etiquette (Infographic)

By Staff

Tomorrow, Americans will buy somewhere in the ballpark of 200 million roses for their Valentine’s sweethearts. Except for Feb. 14th, most of us don’t really think about flowers. I’ll buy the occasional bouquet for a birthday party or a school play, but I usually grab the most colorful, reasonably priced arrangement at the grocery store on my way to an event. We recently ordered flowers for a party and we spent a long time weighing more than cost and color; it turns out flowers are a tricky business. Different flower species and colors are meant for certain occasions and relationships and while guys like me don’t tend to think about it, putting more thought than money into the purchase can really make the gift more special.

Buyers just accept that flower prices increase tremendously around Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. And it’s funny that only 30% of annual flower purchases are made for “no special occasion” yet women surveyed say they prefer getting flowers unexpectedly or on non-holidays. For those of us who need to know how to make our floral gifts more meaningful and surprising, this latest infographic serves as a guide.

Check out this helpful guide to buying flowers if you’re in the market to buy some Valentine’s blooms: