Online Training, Certificate And Certification Programs in Graphic Design That are Your Most Inexpensive Options

By Staff

Only 2 online training, certification and certificate in graphic design colleges exist in the US. These online certificate and training /training in graphic design colleges and universities are sometimes called graphic arts colleges and universities. An average yearly tuition of $14,889 is charged by these schools. In recent years, there has been a 19.3% increase in the average tuition. The per annum average tuition at these online colleges and universities in 2007 was $12,481.

A yearly tuition of about $29,070 is charged by the costliest online certificate and certification in graphic design college. On the other hand, an annual tuition of $708 is charged by the cheapest school.

In 2011, of all graphic design graduates with certification and training from online colleges and universities in the country, roughly 37% earned credentials from these least costly programs at SRJC. This represents 7,863 of the 21,336 graduates from around the nation. From 2006 to 2011, the number of graphic design graduates with certificate and training /certificate from the least costly programs at SRJC has increased by 627 graduates each year. However, the percentage of graduates from these colleges and universities has decreased.

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