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Colleges and universities across the nation offering online science programs charge students an average tuition of $11,443 per year. The average tuition has increased over the past few years. This change in tuition was around 16.3%. In 2007, the average tuition was $9,840 per year at these online colleges.

Online science colleges can also be referred to as science education colleges. The range of tuition at online science colleges from most to least expensive is shown in the following chart:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 31
Low cost 32
Average cost 29
Most expensive 28

The most expensive colleges that have online science programs require students to pay a yearly tuition of over $16,792. But, tuition in the range of $576 to $4,740 annually is charged by the cheapest schools. Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and South Dakota are home to the lowest cost accredited online science schools.

  • Master of Soil Science
  • Master of Science in Environmental Science – Water Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Radiation Sciences
  • Associate of Arts in Science and Mathematics
  • Associate of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Adolescence Education-Grade 7-12 – Teacher Education: Earth Science
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering Sciences – Systems Ecology and Ecological Engineering
  • Associate of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Childhood Education-Grade 1-6 – Teacher Education: General Science
  • Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering Sciences – Systems Ecology and Ecological Engineering
  • Associate of Science
  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – Science Education

Of all science graduates from online colleges across the country, approximately 21% graduated from these low tuition programs in 2011. This represents 419,044 of the 1,981,965 graduates in the nation. Between 2006 and 2011, the percentage of science graduates from the lowest cost online colleges and universities has decreased, while the number of graduates has increased by 21,453 graduates annually.

Other somewhat more costly online science schools charge a yearly tuition in the range of $4,805 to $7,309. Tuition in this range is charged by 32 of the 120 online colleges offering science programs in the country.

In 2011, 26.6%, or 526,957 of the country’s science graduates received their certificates from these cheap online programs. A short 5 years prior, in 2006, the number of students graduating from these colleges and universities was only 471,580. This represents a 12% increase in the number of graduates from these low tuition online schools.

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1. Massasoit Community College Brockton, Massachusetts $576 $5,520
2. University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts $1,454 $8,568
3. University of Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,758
4. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,937
5. Winston-Salem State University Winston-Salem, North Carolina $2,274 $11,420
6. University of West Florida Pensacola, Florida $2,820 $13,453
7. Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida $2,870 $16,627
8. East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina $2,881 $14,955
9. Adams State College Alamosa, Colorado $2,952 $12,912
10. University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota $2,994 $4,491
11. University of Louisiana Monroe, Louisiana $3,013 $10,302
12. Ellsworth Community College Iowa Falls, Iowa $3,192 $3,984
13. Northeastern State University Tahlequah, Oklahoma $3,338 $9,675
14. University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida $3,347 $18,089
15. Albany State University Albany, Georgia $3,432 $12,720
16. University of Florida Gainesville, Florida $3,530 $24,746
17. Texas A & M University Texarkana, Texas $3,608 $11,048
18. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $3,678 $14,109
19. Columbus State University Columbus, Georgia $3,696 $13,272
20. Valdosta State University Valdosta, Georgia $3,696 $13,272

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