Online Network Engineering Schools That are the Cheapest

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Colleges in the US that have online network engineering programs require students to pay an average tuition of $19,805 per year. In recent years, the average tuition has increased by 32.8%. In 2007, the average tuition was $14,919 annually at these online colleges.

Online network engineering schools are also known as networking schools. The range of tuition at online network engineering colleges from least to most affordable is shown in the following chart:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 2
Low cost 0
Average cost 0
Most expensive 2

Tuition of more than $28,240 per year is charged by the most expensive online network engineering colleges. On the other hand, annual tuition ranging from $4,853 to $14,766 is charged by the cheapest schools. Illinois and North Carolina are home to the most inexpensive accredited online network engineering schools.

  • Master of Science in Network Engineering and Management
  • Master of Network Engineering
  • Master of Science in Computer Network Engineering
  • Information Systems Management Associate’s – Network Administration
  • Associate of Science in Information Technology
  • Associate of Science in Health Information Technology
  • Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems
  • Associate in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • Information Technology A.A.S.
  • Applied Information Technology A.A.S.

These cheap programs graduated an estimated 60% of network engineering graduates from online schools around the US in 2011. Therefore, of the 101,789 graduates from around the US, 61,172 are from the least costly schools. From 2006 to 2011, the number of network engineering graduates from the least costly online schools has increased by 27,059 graduates per year. Also, the percentage of graduates from these schools has increased.

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1. North Carolina State University at Raleigh Raleigh, North Carolina $4,853 $17,388
2. DeVry University Chicago, Illinois $14,766 $14,766
3. DePaul University Chicago, Illinois $28,240 $28,240
4. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois $31,362 $31,362

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