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Colleges and universities across the nation offering online legal assistant programs charge students an average tuition of $11,301 per year. There has been a 19% increase in the average tuition over the past few years. In 2007, the average tuition at these online colleges was $9,496 per year.

Online legal assistant colleges and universities are sometimes called legal secretary colleges and universities. The following graph shows the range of tuition at online legal assistant colleges from least to most affordable:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 3
Low cost 3
Average cost 3
Most expensive 4

Tuition of more than $15,285 per year is charged by the most expensive colleges and universities offering online legal assistant programs. On the other hand, yearly tuition charged by the cheapest colleges ranges from $880 to $3,222. Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington are home to the least costly accredited online legal assistant schools.

  • Associate of Arts and Science in Legal Assistant Studies – Paralegal
  • Associate in Legal Assistant
  • Associate of Science in Legal Assistant
  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal Associate’s Degree
  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • A.S. in Legal Studies
  • Criminal Justice Associate’s – Homeland Security
  • Homeland Security, AA (Online)
  • Associate of Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement

Of all legal assisting graduates from online colleges across the country, a reported 11% graduated from these affordable programs in 2011. This represents 5,954 of the 55,765 graduates from across the country. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of legal assisting graduates from the least expensive online colleges has increased by 1,418 graduates yearly, while the percentage of graduates from these colleges has decreased.

Other somewhat more expensive online legal assistant colleges charge students tuition ranging from $4,874 to $11,583 each year. Roughly 3 of the 13 online schools that have legal assistant programs in the US charge tuition in this range.

Approximately 6.7% of the nation’s legal assisting graduates earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. This represents 3,752 students. In 2006, which was just 5 years earlier, only 2,005 students graduated from these schools. Thus, the number of graduates from these low tuition online colleges has increased by 87%.

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1. Clovis Community College Clovis, New Mexico $880 $1,768
2. Front Range Community College Westminster, Colorado $2,309 $9,926
3. Peninsula College Port Angeles, Washington $3,222 $3,639
4. Minnesota State College Southeast Technical Winona, Minnesota $4,874 $4,874
5. Jones College Arlington Jacksonville, Florida $7,320 $7,320
6. National American University Rapid City, South Dakota $11,583 $11,583
7. Keiser University Fort Lauderdale, Florida $13,376 $13,376
8. Everest University Orlando, Florida $14,148 $14,148
9. Rasmussen College St. Cloud, Minnesota $15,120 $15,120
10. South University Savannah, Georgia $15,285 $15,285
11. Virginia College Birmingham, Alabama $16,400 $16,400
12. Tiffin University Tiffin, Ohio $18,390 $18,390
13. Post University Waterbury, Connecticut $24,000 $24,000

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