Online Associates Degree Programs in Interactive Media That You Can Afford

By Staff

In the nation, there is only 1 online associates degree in interactive media school. This is Santa Rosa Junior College. Because it is the only college, it is, by default, the lowest cost online interactive media associates degree college in the nation. It charges students a tuition of $708 each year. Compared to the median tuition for other online programs in the US, which is $10,368, SRJC charges students relatively low tuition.

Santa Rosa Junior College’s tuition has decreased, in recent years, by 97%. In 2007, the tuition was more expensive at $20,650 each year.

  • Associate of Arts and Science in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Associate of Arts and Science in Interactive Media Design
  • Associate of Arts in Interactive Media Design
  • Associate of Arts and Science in Information Technology – Applications Developer: Interactive Media
  • Associate of Applied Business in Visual Communication and Design – Web and Interactive Media

From these comparatively affordable/low cost online interactive media programs offering associates degrees at the college, an estimated 7,863 students earned credentials in 2010. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of graduates has decreased by about 6,221 graduates.

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