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Colleges and universities across the nation offering online accounting programs charge students an average tuition of $11,426 per year. Over the past few years, the average tuition has increased. This change in tuition was around 15.3%. In 2007, the average tuition was $9,910 yearly at these online colleges and universities.

Online accounting colleges can also be referred to as CPA and accountancy colleges. The range of tuition at online accounting colleges from least to most affordable is shown in the following chart:

Tuition Level Number of Schools
Cheapest 55
Low cost 72
Average cost 117
Most expensive 59

A yearly tuition of over $15,285 is charged by the costliest online accounting colleges and universities. The cheapest colleges, however, charge students yearly tuition costs ranging from $800 to $4,678. The least expensive accredited online accounting schools are located in Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming.

  • Bachelor in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Associate of Arts in Accounting
  • Associate of Science in Accounting
  • Associate of Arts and Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Business in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Taxation
  • Bachelor in Business – Accounting

In 2011, of all accounting graduates from online colleges and universities in the nation, roughly 17% earned credentials from these reasonably priced programs. Therefore, of the 1,410,702 graduates in the nation, 244,294 are from the least costly colleges and universities. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of accounting graduates from the least expensive online schools has increased by 17,457 graduates per year, while the percentage of graduates from these schools has decreased.

Yearly tuition in the range of $4,800 to $9,960 is charged by other somewhat more costly online accounting schools. A reported 72 of the 303 online schools with accounting programs in the US charge tuition in this range.

Approximately 31.4% of the nation’s accounting graduates earned their degrees from these low tuition online programs in 2011. This represents 443,613 students. Only 395,597 students graduated from these schools, just 5 years earlier, in 2006. This represents a 12% increase in the number of graduates from these affordable online schools.

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1. Trinity Valley Community College Athens, Texas $800 $2,400
2. Randolph Community College Asheboro, North Carolina $1,356 $5,964
3. Western Wyoming Community College Rock Springs, Wyoming $1,632 $4,896
4. Barton County Community College Great Bend, Kansas $1,636 $2,408
5. Broward College Fort Lauderdale, Florida $1,676 $1,676
6. Western Nebraska Community College Scottsbluff, Nebraska $1,680 $2,016
7. Rio Salado College Tempe, Arizona $1,704 $7,488
8. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts $1,714 $9,937
9. Brevard Community College Cocoa, Florida $1,752 $7,012
10. Surry Community College Dobson, North Carolina $1,808 $7,952
11. Alamance Community College Graham, North Carolina $1,808 $7,952
12. Stanly Community College Albemarle, North Carolina $1,808 $7,952
13. Wilson Community College Wilson, North Carolina $1,808 $7,952
14. Piedmont Community College Roxboro, North Carolina $1,808 $7,952
15. Pitt Community College Winterville, North Carolina $1,894 $8,038
16. Butler Community College El Dorado, Kansas $1,995 $3,555
17. Southeast Technical Institute Sioux Falls, South Dakota $2,160 $2,160
18. Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida $2,296 $12,458
19. Montana State University Great Falls College of Technology Great Falls, Montana $2,496 $8,748
20. Western Dakota Technical Institute Rapid City, South Dakota $2,700 $2,700

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