ING Direct Review

By Staff

The cornerstone of my financial turnaround was finally getting some money in an emergency fund at ING Direct.  I chose ING for a number of reasons, and I’ll review just a few of the top benefits below:

Orange Savings Account Benefits

  • Great interest rate. The interest rate on ING’s Orange Savings account is many times higher than that of local bank savings accounts.
  • Ability to create subaccounts. Once you have established your savings account at ING you can add an unlimited number of additional accounts, give them a nickname, and view them all from a central dashboard.  I currently have four or five accounts set up for things like emergencies, our annual vacation fund, and our Christmas Club account.
  • Speedy transfers to and from my local bank. Once your local checking or savings account is linked to your account at ING transfers only take a couple business days to and from your account.
  • Automated transfers. For things like vacations, Christmas and taxes, I have set up automated transfers from my linked bank account to my savings accounts at ING.  You can establish a wide range of transfer frequencies from weekly to every two weeks to once a quarter.
  • Security. ING’s security features are top-notch.  In fact, they are consistently ranked among the best online banks in security reviews.
  • Referrals.  After opening your Orange Savings Account you can refer up to 25 friends and family members to open their own account.  Each time they do, you earn a $10 bonus that gets dropped right into your account as an interest credit.

People are losing jobs.  The economy is sputtering.  This is a great time to boost your savings by opening an account at ING Direct.