Forums and Blogs: Your Connection to Like-Minded Frugal Folks

By Staff

Remember how in some of the classic self-help books the authors advise you to surround yourself with winners? The idea is that if you want to be successful, you should avoid hanging out with losers. That theory holds true when it comes to personal finances as well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang out with rich people.

Over the years I’ve discovered that the more I hang around people who are successful, the better the chances I’ll be successful. Conversely, hanging around people who are largely unsuccessful, has a negative effect on my own motivation, and I often wind up griping about my circumstances.

One of the great things about social media, and the Internet in general, is that while we were once limited to our immediate community, now there are tons of sources of inspiration available. From blogs to community forums to podcasts, each offers the opportunity to engage with others on a similar mission – to turn around their finances.

Some of my favorite sites specialize in very specific topics around finances, such as dividend investing, early retirement, survivalism, or frugal living.

During our own financial turnaround, I also used a number of online tools to stay motivated.

My Total Money Makeover

The online community that ties in the book, The Total Money Makeover, the plan, the tools, and the personality, Dave Ramsey. I have been a member here for several years, initially joining to find tips for getting out of debt, interact with others on the same mission, and to listen to The Dave Ramsey show podcasts commercial-free during my commute.

Even after our family got out of debt (all but the house), I decided to stay on as a member to continue interacting with people in my situation. As I’ve mentioned at Frugal Dad a time or two, being recently debt free is a dangerous place to be. There is much temptation to go back in that you need the occasional reinforcement you are doing the right thing.

It’s also nice to occasionally help someone else just beginning the Baby Steps, and show them living proof that it can be done with enough perserverance.

Dave’s team is offering up a very special deal to Frugal Dad fans – join My Total Money Makeover now for only $49.95 a year (regularly $120).

Personal Finance Blogs

Hopefully you find this blog somewhat inspiring. There are plenty of others out there as well. The first two blogs I subscribed to were The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly. I also added Bargaineering in the early days.

More recently, I find great inspiration from fellow members of The Money Writers network, and have discovered a couple lists of the top personal finance blogs to help discover more inspiration.

Some of the most inspiring sites I’ve discoverd have come from you. Please use the comments below to share your favorite personal finance sites/forums/blogs with other readers.